How it works

What if my child is sick?

Please keep them at home! We want lots of happy smiles and that isn’t easy when children feel poorly. We will be back in your area again and would love to see you when the children are feeling better. Send us a message as soon as you can and we will happily give you a credit note for the next suitable and available time.

How much do Pixel Photos cost?

Every Pixel Photos session costs £24.95. This covers a 20-minute photo shoot as well as your favourite 10” x 8” print - perfect for the hallway, bookcase or large side table. Most of our customers want to purchase more so we have we have plenty of upgrades too – have a look at our homepage herefor the various options.

What should my children wear?

Keep it simple. Plain, bold, coloured t-shirts are best. Please don’t wear clothes with logos, wording or collars as this can distract from your child’s smiley face.

Who takes the photos?

We have a fabulous crew of fun, trained photographers who specialise in working with children. We aim to make the whole process quick and easy but also loads of fun as well.

Where are the locations for upcoming sessions?

We have lots of sessions popping up in Scotland – check out our locations in Edinburgh, Livingston, Fife, Glasgow, Paisley and Aberdeen. More locations to follow!

Can I use the photos on social media?

Yes, of course! Tag us so we can join in the fun too!

Do you take photos of adults?

At the moment we specialise in portraits for kids and our photographic stages are designed for small people. So sadly, no, we can’t photograph adults. However, if you wish to have a family portrait, contact us and we will help you organise one in one of our family studios.

Do you take family groups?

We’d love to take photos of all your children! Our style is perfect for grouping individual photos together: if you have three children, a row of three medium photos looks amazing. If you have a big group, a display of nine in a grid is fabulous. (See our home pagefor more inspiration.) We can’t put more than 3 children into one photo, though, as there isn’t enough space or time! So bear that in mind when you are booking your time slots – we need one session for every two children. If you are bringing three or four children with you, please book two sessions; for five or six children you’ll need three sessions to fit everyone in.

What if my child has additional needs?

Because we are a pop up studio, space is limited and we are governed by the individual locations regarding access. While we want to photograph all children, we recommend you contact us if you have any special requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

What ages should my children be?

Your children should be old enough to sit on their own (roughly six months and upwards). We always make the experience lots of fun and kids love it!

How quickly can I get my photos?

We will print your small and medium photos the same day, while you wait. If you’d like a lot of photos, we might ask you to do a bit of shopping or have a quick coffee, just while the printing is taking place. If you order the largest size photo, we need a bit of extra time (as we don’t want to compromise on quality) so we’ll pop that into the post for you within the week. For digitals, you will be emailed a link on the night of your shoot so you can download them.

How does Pixel Photos work?

It’s easy. Just choose your location, date and time and book your session on the online form. Then bring your child to the photo shoot about 10 minutes before the session is due to start. We’ll take some fabulous photos! Then you can choose your favourite photo plus any extras that you’d like to purchase. We print them on the same day and give them to you to take home straight away.

How big are the photos?

When you book, you can automatically choose a 10” x 8” print of your favourite image to take home. If you’d like more photos, we have three sizes you can purchase: small, medium and large. The small (5” x 7”) photo is perfect for gifts, a side table or as part of a larger gallery wall display. Our medium photos (10” x 8”) look fabulous in the hallway, up the stairs or on a bookshelf. And the large (20” x 16”) photo is really striking and great displayed prominently above a sofa or bed. If you want something completely different, that’s possible too! Just purchase our digital upgrade and then you can print out the photos at any size you’d like.

What do I get to take home?

Everyone takes home at least one medium sized 10” x 8” photo in a white presentation mount. This is part of your booking fee. You can, of course, upgrade if you’d like to take home additional prints and there are options to purchase digital images too. We will print all 5” x 7” and 10” x 8” photos on the same day for you to take home and hang up immediately. Any 20” x 16” photos will be posted out to you within the week. For digitals, you will be emailed a link on the night of your shoot so you can download them.

What if I want more than one photo?

We have loads of great upgrade options so you can decorate your house or give photos as gifts. Prices for these vary but start at as little as £50. Why not start thinking about how you’d like to display your portraits and we can help you find the best upgrade options to achieve the look you want.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We know that many photographers like to hide their true costs but at Pixel we want to be as upfront as possible so there are no surprises. We’ve tried to keep it simple – there is a booking fee of £24.95 which covers your photo shoot and gives you a lovely 10” x 8”photograph to take home. There is no obligation to buy any other photographs. However, if you choose to purchase more there is an additional cost and you’ll find a list hereof all the prices.