3 Photo Shoots over baby's first 2 years

baby girl sitting

Sitting Baby
(6-9 months)

baby boy cake smash birthday

Birthday Celebration
(including pretend Cake Smash)

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(18mths and older)

(normally £105) £49.99


Photo Plan


When you have received your membership voucher:

join our plan?

  • Exclusive packages available only to our baby plan members.


  • Get it all organised at once and never have to try and remember to do it again. Mummy guilt gone!

  • Watch them grow with a beautiful gallery wall that has a consistent style and look to it.


  • Don't just dream about having stunning photos on your wall, this is how you can make it happen.


  • This is how you capture those once in a life time moments, they will never be this small again. Changing every day.


  • Photos of your little one will mean way more to you in years to come then you could ever imagine.


When you have received your membership voucher:


Package options


A beautiful 9-piece gallery wall of framed photos.

After each shoot you will receive three 6”x8” framed photos of your choice, plus five 5”x7” prints of your favourite images, to take home and hang that day.

Bonus digitals

To celebrate the completion of your three shoots, you will be gifted ALL the digitals of the photos that were presented from all three shoots.


The Framed Gallery Plan
£150 per shoot

White Clean Gift Voucher Instagram Post(1).jpg

ALL final digitals in large format from each photo shoot, downloadable from a online gallery. As well as all of your final images printed in 5”x7”, after each shoot for you to take home and enjoy that day.


Bonus Portrait

To celebrate the completion of your three shoots you will receive a large 12”x16” framed portrait of your choice as a gift from us.

The Digital Plan £200 per shoot

Please note: These packages are only available to Baby plan members and once a plan has started you can not swap between packages. Photos are only available for purchase on the day of your shoot. Please make sure you speak to everyone involved in the decision making process prior to your shoot as

images are not held over.

Here's What To Do Next

Tell me how

Our shoots work on a first-come, first served basis.

So here's what to do now:


  • If you are in the Gyle Shopping Centre, pop into the studio and we will give you a voucher straight away. 

  • If you prefer to buy online, simply click on the JOIN NOW button, to purchase your membership. Your voucher will then the posted out to you. 

  • When you receive your voucher look for your 3 unique booking codes, which you must use when booking your appointments. 

  • To book your shoot dates and times, click on the BOOK NOW button on this website page and this will take you to the booking calendar to check availability and to secure your spot. 

  • Choose a time when you think your little one will be the most smiley (when they have had a nap and have a full tummy).

  • Once your shoot is booked start planning your outfits. A helpful email will be sent out with some great ideas to have you looking picture perfect.

  • Start looking around your home and think about how you would like to use your images. Take a look at our package options to choose which plan suits you best. Please note that photos are only available for purchase on the day of your shoot so please come prepared. 


What to Expect at the Photo Shoot


  • On the day of your shoot, please bring your Membership voucher.

  • Please arrive at the studio promptly. Allow 20 minutes for your shoot plus extra time to select your photos, and for us to print them (up to 1 hour).

  • Enjoy a fast, fun photo shoot with one of our friendly team.

  • View all your photos after your shoot and pick your favourites for your chosen plan. 

  • Have a coffee at Starbucks (2 doors up) or do a bit of shopping while we print and frame your chosen images. 


  • Take your photos home; put them on the wall; show your family and friends; post them on Instagram and Facebook and don't forget to tag us!

  • Come and visit us again soon!


When you have received your membership voucher:


The Location:

The Gyle

Gyle Shopping Centre (opposite M&S)

Gyle Ave

S Gyle Broadway

Edinburgh EH12 9JY

Facilities include:

  • Free off-street parking

  • Easy access to the Pixel Photos.  The studio is very close to the entrance at the M&S end of the centre

  • Parent Rooms. The shopping centre has fully equipped parenting rooms with changing stations and bottle warmer

  • After shoot family time. Enjoy a slice of cake and coffee at Starbucks (2 doors up).

Pixel Photos edinburgh Photographer baby kids family photos shoot (19).jpg

Beautiful photos

... that really capture his personality and now I need to find more space around my house to display them all!! :) So professional and really relaxed, friendly environment. 100% recommend.



These ladies are amazing !! Such a nice experience from start to finish. 

Couldn't recommend them enough

What a wonderful family experience!

With the pandemic, we’ve barely been out the house in two years, and we’ve only had pictures from our phones. Over the moon we had our session with Pixel Photos! The girls are incredible, made us feel so safe, welcome and above all, they made it so much fun!

Show me MORE!!

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